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Outreach Optometry is redefining eye care with our comprehensive eye exams. We bring eye care into the future and into your community, with full-service, thorough eye care. Outreach Optometry serves all members of the family in many communities.
You can expect the same level of eye care with our mobile clinics that you expect from a brick-and-mortar clinic. We use the latest technology to diagnose, treat, and manage many eye diseases, including glaucoma. Our doctors also bring a variety of frames and lenses right to you so you can find the perfect fitting pair of glasses right away.
A portion of our services are covered with a Medical Service Plan (MSP) if you’re under 19 or over 65.

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Areas We Serve

We aim to offer accessible eye care to as many communities as possible with mobile eye clinics. Our mobile clinics are designed to offer in-home eye exams for those who find it difficult to leave home.

Our Communities

We provide mobile care to communities on Vancouver Island and from North Vancouver to Chilliwack, including communities in the Lower Mainland to the Fraser Valley.

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Our Eye Care Services

We Go Out of Our Way to Reach You

Our goal at Outreach Optometry is to make high-quality eye care as accessible as possible.

We know eye care can be difficult to access for people living in more rural or remote settings.  So, we developed our mobile clinic to provide essential eye services to those who don’t have access to eye care.  Our primary focus is hosting clinics in rural and indigenous communities.

Our priority is your health and safety. We have implemented all the mandated and recommended safety protocols to protect you and your loved ones during your examination.

We go out of our way to reach you here at Outreach Optometry.

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